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Sustainability… A Philosophy of Environmental Responsibility

Our number one priority is to maximize the life cycle of your roofing investment and eliminate the need for premature roof replacement; thereby preserving your capital. Rubicon’s  number one priority is to maximize the life of your roofing investment and eliminate the need for premature roof replacement.  This philosophy preserves your  investment and greatly reduces disruptions at your facility.  Coal Tar Roof Systems provide a long history of success as dependable, durable and long-lasting roofing systems. These roof systems consist of multiple layers of waterproofing, which are easily intained and historically the longest performing on the market today.  Not only are Rubicon Coal Tar Roofing Systems fiscally responsible by maximizing  service life, but they are environmentally  sustainable as well by reducing the carbon footprint associated with roof replacement and landfill waste.

Respecting the Future

Sustainability has become a “catch word” used to suggest environmental concern. Many, however, simply use the term because it is “in vogue” without a full appreciation of its meaning. In fact, it implies maintenance of our standards of life now and in the future by retaining the resources available today.

Rubicon Roofing Systems clearly understands the concept and demonstrates this understanding on a daily basis in several “real” ways.

1. Solvent – free coatings and adhesives are a key segment of Rubicon Roofing Systems product line. Besides the advantages of odor – free applications, the release of photochemically reactive pollutants are eliminated protecting the environment.

2. Rubicon Roofing Systems stresses the installation of long – lasting roofing systems which can be maintained to increase longevity. A roof which performs its intended function for an extended period of time saves building energy, replacement dollars, landfill space, vehicle and equipment fuel, product manufacturing costs – the list goes on.

3. Rubicon Roofing Systems personnel pioneered, the use of nondestructive inspection devices in the early 1970’s . These techniques allow a roof to be examined to detect the problem areas which need to be replaced. By leaving the performing areas in place it is obvious that a very significant cost savings results.

Rubicon Roofing Systems also possesses knowledge and experience in specialty roofs such as vegetated and IRMA systems. Vegetated roofs involve the installation of plant growing systems over the waterproof membrane to save energy, slow the release of water to sewer systems and provide attractive recreational areas on buildings. IRMA systems place an unique insulation product on top of the roof membrane to protect it from damage and thermal cycles.

These are just a few of the ideas which Rubicon Roofing Systems can bring to the table. A knowledge of the many options and systems available in roofing can only come by extensive time and experience in the industry. Rubicon Roofing Systems has this along with a firm commitment to provide the benefits of its knowledge to every customer