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When it comes to your health, you have two general choices. You can take your health for granted and possibly face serious and expensive surprises regarding your physical condition.  Or, you can take regular, preventive measures that help ensure your physical well-being and protect your health.   The same is true for protecting the condition of our facilities. How do you handle your facility assets?   Do you wait for problems or do you prevent them?  Rubicon Roofing Systems’ Roof Management Program is a smart approach to facility maintenance.  It is particularly pertinent to the healthcare industry because of its high dependence on preventing building interior disruptions.  There are many benefits of a management program when dealing with building asset management.  Some of the advantages include:

  • Prevents the expense of unexpected  and serious facility damage.
  • Regular maintenance  results in a 70% reduction in  roof leak occurrences.
  • Extends the performance life of your roofs beyond the industry norms.
  • Provides budget forecasting through planning, detailed drawings, condition analysis reports and digital photos.             
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Tailored to meet your specific needs and management requirements.
  • Roof maintenance exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.                     
  • Training provided to the hospital maintenance staff on proper roofing care procedures.
  • Utilizes Rubicon’s  industry expertise and a network of highly experienced and proven resources  to identify, provide  and supervise all forms of inspection ,maintenance and remedial services for your facility.
  • Manages facility asset information with on-line access to specialized internet roof management sites for one or multiple locations.

When it comes to the maintenance and replacement of roofs, hospitals have unique requirements that must be addressed prior to and during these necessary procedures. A number of concerns and precautions must be part of the planning process both before and during all roofing work on health – related facilities.


• NOISE: Building noise is disruptive, causes anxiety and interferes with the calm which patients require. Patients need to be in a quiet, peaceful environment to aid in their recovery. The medical staff must be able to concentrate on their duties instead of having to attend to the distractions resulting from disturbances in the building.

• ODORS: Close attention to air intakes and the products that are used in roofing work is mandatory to maintain proper indoor air quality. Interior conditions must be maintained to protect the clinical environment patients depend upon.

• ROOF TRAFFIC: Hospital roofs receive a great deal of traffic as a result of substantial rooftop mounted equipment. Monitoring devices, HVAC units, air handlers, and exhaust vents, are just a few of the necessary building devices on the roof. Frequent service, regular maintenance and adjustments on this equipment are required for their proper function.


• Reducing noise during the roof removal and application process is critical. Sensitivity to the interior disturbances a roof tear – off may cause must be part of job planning. Techniques must be employed which eliminate disruption inside the hospital facility to the greatest extent possible.

• Providing solvent – free, low odor or low VOC formula roofing products is key. Products should be chosen that offer fast cure and are designed to achieve maximum performance with minimum effect on the building occupants and the inside environment.

• Providing rugged, high performance roofing materials that withstand the high traffic demands of the hospital roof is vital. Proper job direction and constant monitoring are also important to ensure contractors are OSHA compliant, competent and fully aware of the unique requirements, needs and challenges of working on healthcare facilities.

Emergencies are a part of daily life at a hospital and rapid response is critical. Healthcare workers must always be prepared for any situation that occurs.  They must make decisions that affect the lives of their patients in order to provide the best treatment. Just as doctors and nurses must be alert and ready to handle emergencies, Rubicon Roofing Systems knows just how crucial it is to be prepared to handle roofing and building problems. With a 24-hour leak hotline, you can trust our highly qualified, experienced team of building envelope specialists to respond quickly. They provide sustainable solutions for your building and protect the safety and health of the patients and staff inside your facility.