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Rubicon Roofing Systems has a full and complete product line. Every available roofing system and product is included in Rubicon Roofing Systems’ resources for providing problem solutions. Most of these roofing materials represent the “state – of – the – art” in the particular technology and many are not offered by other roofing companies.

The following is a selection of product technologies being used by Rubicon Roofing Systems:

Built – Up Roofing Systems – This is the most traditional approach to roof membrane applications. It is based on redundancy of layers of bitumen and reinforcing ply sheets. Rubicon Roofing Systems significantly upgrades this membrane system by using a variety of enhanced bitumens such as rubber – modified coal tar and asphalt. Also, a number of vastly upgraded ply sheets are used including those based on polyester and glass/polyester reinforcements.

Modified Asphalt Sheet Goods – Asphalt can be significantly improved through the use of modern day polymer and rubber modifiers. A large number of asphalt’s performance properties are substantially upgraded. This results in longer lasting and improved performance in all applications in which these modified asphalts are used.

Modified Coal Tar – Coal tar has proven through decades of use to be an outstanding waterproofing material. Some coal tar roofs have been verified as being over 100 years old. A recent discovery has allowed coal tar to be made even more effective through the use of polymer modification. Rubicon Roofing Systems recognizes the advantages of this advance and employs this product whenever it is right for the application. Modified coat tar also can now be applied in a very applicator – safe and odor – free manner.

Elastoplastic Single Ply Sheet Goods – Rubicon Roofing Systems offers all of the single ply products which are proven and effective based on years of impressive in – place performance. EPDM, Elvaloy®, PVC and TPO are probably the best known of these materials. Rubicon Roofing Systems specifies and installs these products in a way which incorporates additional waterproofing protection. This creates added security and leak protection to the interior of the facility.

Roof Coatings – Rubicon Roofing Systems offers a vast assortment of coatings of all types, purposes, performance levels, prices and application methods. Materials are offered which are water – based, 100% solids, contain low – VOC levels or based on standard formulas which conform to air pollution regulations. Coatings provide reflectivity, rejuvenation, adhesion, waterproofing, sealing and wear resistance to name a few of their functions. Rubicon Roofing Systems’ coating knowledge and choices are unmatched in the roofing industry.

The above, it is Rubicon Roofing Systems’ hope, gives some insight into our expertise, commitment and customer concern.